I Don't Miss a trick........

I Don't Miss a trick........

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hump Day

Well the middle of the week and already I feel exhausted. Let's hope the weekend comes around as quickly as the last one left us.
Last weekend we were blessed with truly beautiful weather. Very much Spring like and giving us a false sense of hope.
Bill and I started Sunday morning out with friends for breakfast. It was a glorious day as I said, the blossoms were breaking out everywhere. This tree in someones drive was beautiful.
 And I must admit I don't know why but every time the weather is like this, I always have this terrible urge to go Garden Centre visiting. Bill told me I have to wait a couple of weeks until I can instruct him on what plants I want in the pots on our deck, so I contained myself and just looked. The Polyanthus were so pretty all set out like this, the deep purple were stunning.

These little Violas were so little and sweet. They always remind me of Bill's Mum who used to say they looked like little smiley face's winking at her. They look lovely en masse don't they?

 Sewing over the weekend involved a lot of gathering of fabrics and ideas more than a lot of stitching.
I managed to put together the inside top of a baby quilt for friend's daughter, then sat there thinking what else I was going to do but determined not to over think it. I have edged it with plain white and now there will be a wee bit of hand stitching to do.

A friend from school of Jack's became a Dad on Sunday night and Jack thinks he would like a
"simple Blue " version to give to him and his partner for "Hank", so another gathering of fabrics is instore.

( I must admit I heard what they were calling this wee man I thought "wow" then thought what a great strong man's name. I know 27 years ago when we had Jack, my Mum had trouble calling him Jack for the first day or so then realised of course that her "poor wee man" was going to become an adult.)
Gosh I prattle on-sorry.
So today I will leave you with another wedding photo from our niece's wedding in June. Jaimee and Seth in front of the fire at the venue. Love this photo.

Deb x

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Couple of Cool Finds.

I just found these today and was so impressed I had to share.
Firstly look how cute this pillow is:-
This pillow can be found at Simple Simon and Co. They have some really cool designs. Go have a look, I'll be going back to browse more for sure.

And this quilt just triggered something within and I love it. The pattern for this can be found at 

Hugs Deb.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I'm back, is anyone still there???

Hello all, it's been awhile.
Yes I've been out of action as far as blogging goes but I have been reading blogs every so often. Now I realise how much I miss the company from all of you lovely ladies. I know many people have disappeared and some have had breaks like I have but life goes on doesn't it and now I feel revived and have decided to come back.

I didn't stop stitching or quilting whilst I was away. I just revisited what it was I really wanted to do. For some silly reason or other I had put pressure on myself to make things. If anyone asked me to do things I always said YES. Now I am stitching what I want to do. It feels so freeing.

Since I have been away I am trying to think where I left off. I think it was about the time our nephew and his sister were having their weddings.

This (on the left) was the quilt I made for our nephew Mark and his wife Jenna.
And the quilt on the right was the one I made for our niece Jess and her husband Ben.

Now I can show you these two quilts which pair up with the ones above.................................................

 The one on the left, I made for Mark and Jenna's son "Theo Oliver" who was born in November 2016. I got the idea for this one from snooping on Jenna's Pinterest pages - sneaky huh?

And the one on the right,  I made for Jess and Ben's little man, "Hunter" who was born at the beginning of April 2017.
This one I used all the fabrics relating to hunting etc as Ben loves going out fishing etc and then when we were told this little man's name it was perfect.

I have also been knitting which is something I hadn't done for so long it must have been when other niece's were having babies I think and that's about 6 years ago. 
Anyway I decided to knit this poncho /cape for young Theo as Jenna had pointed it out that she had like the pattern. Her mother-in-law (my Bill's sister) read the pattern and decided it wasn't a go, so Auntie Deb read it and said she'd give it a go as long as Jenna wasn't told. Then if all turned to custard it didn't matter. 
But I persevered and changed things a bit where I wanted and I was thrilled with the outcome and so was Jenna. And Theo looks adorable in it, so snuggly, just perfect for going out at nights. 
Then in June this year we had another Niece's wedding up in Auckland. My side of the family this time. So off we flew on the Thursday for the weekend away. Well we couldn't have asked for better weather considering it was the middle of winter.
 This was the wedding venue. Above obviously the outside and below the inside. It was all so simply beautiful.
Jaimee (niece) and her new husband Seth organised everything themselves. It was such a love filled ceremony and we felt so blessed to have been asked.

  I just had to attach the photo on the right of Jaimee's dress. It was so beautiful.
And to close my first return post I'll leave you with a photo of my gorgeous man Bill and I. It was such a lovely day.

Nice to be back, thanks for finding me.